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Colombia Supremo is a freshly roasted premium quality coffee beans. This product is available in 250 Grams and 1 KG variants. Also, they are accessible with espresso grind and filter grind options.


Aroma: Fruity, Cacao

Body: Smooth

Taste: Mild Citrus and Sweet Base


The production of this Coffee in Colombia is known to have a reputation. And produce homogeneous and balanced coffee. The average annual coffee production in Colombia of 11.5 million bags. Which is the third largest in the world after Brazil and Vietnam.

In 2007, the European Union awarded Colombian coffee a protected designation of origin status. In 2011 UNESCO declared the “Cultural Landscape of Coffee” in Colombia, a world’s heritage place.


Jesuit missionaries brought Arabica to mountain Colombia, and as we all know, Arabica produces gourmet coffee, which is an essential part of the morning routines of millions of people around the world. Robusta trees, on the other hand, are coffee trees that produce low-quality coffee beans that will certainly stimulate you, but it lacks the delicious aroma and taste of most Arabica coffee.

Arabica coffee trees have higher heights and cooler temperatures than their cousins ​​Robusta Coffee. The result, of course, is coffee with all flavors that are Colombian proud. Coffee beans, almost as the best vintage wine, go through a slow cycle of maturation, resulting not in lack of taste or personality of the coffee.


No one knows exactly when coffee arrived in what is now Colombia. Some think the bean came with Jesuit priests in the seventeenth century, but the first shipment of coffee overseas wasn’t until 1835, when 2500 pounds of coffee headed from Colombia to the United States.

Colombia Coffee Growing Facts:

The thousands of nutrient-dense hills and mountains. The wet climate, and the high elevation not only make it easy to grow coffee. But they make it easy to grow great coffee.

Most of them are still small and rurally located, though decent infrastructure gives them a way to get their crops to market. A significant portion of Colombian coffee stays in the country, but the annual export for the nation is between 11 and 13 million bags.

What Does Colombian Supremo Taste Like?

Flavor-wise, Colombian coffee is very diverse. Each of the 20 coffee producing departments (out of 32 total departments in the country) produce coffee that’s slightly different from the next.

In the Northern regions of Santa Marta and Santander, the lower altitude and higher temperatures result in coffee. With a full body and deeper flavor notes.

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Grind Options

Espresso Grind, Filter Grind, Not Grinded


1 KG, 250gm